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I had someone who came by to ask me for coaching on his relationship, I picked

The Lovers card.

The Lovers tarot card is a powerful card when it comes to relationships. It symbolizes unity, love, and a deep connection between two people. It can represent a new love affair or an existing relationship that is deepening and becoming more meaningful.

In terms of coaching, The Lovers card suggests that you should focus on building a strong foundation of trust and communication in your relationship. This may involve being more open and vulnerable with your partner, and actively listening to their needs and desires.

The card also emphasises the importance of making choices that align with your values and principles. It's important to consider not just your own needs, but also those of your partner and your relationship as a whole.

Overall, The Lovers card encourages you to prioritise your relationship and invest the time and effort needed to cultivate a deep and meaningful connection with your partner. By doing so, you can create a strong and lasting bond that will withstand the ups and downs of life.


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